Dear God, oh my God….this day….

You have given me a glimpse of the final war we are facing
And I have done nothing except feel hopelessness
And cry heart-wrenching tears
Because of the overwhelming force of reality that proves
I know nothing nor understand the extreme battle plans
Set against humanity, as a whole
To expressively exterminate those who stand
For Truth…for Justice…those choosing to stand with You

How, oh God, how, in Your Name are we expected to humanly compete
And survive the onslaught coming our way
A spiritual altercation that has been building for ages upon ages
The final push to eliminate all resistance that is a threat to
Your kingdom, Your plan, Your salvation for mankind

We know…that he knows
And dwells on our thoughts to persevere against him
He listens to our conversations and prayers, watches our moves
And circumvents at every angle to destroy any resistance
That will foil his strategy against You,
Your enemy has no motive hidden from him

And in this we greatly fear retribution, and complete defeat, unless
You show yourself as our Rock, our salvation
To be physically engraved and etched on Terra’s terrain
And declared against the current human lifestyles
Not just as an idea, or a philosophy to be discussed with words
But a real heavenly presence, an old testament revelation to the world
All around us, as a true Force to be reckoned with
Real…utterly real

If not, then humanity as we know it today will cease to exist
You have seen the plight of our children….our heritage
We now have parents killing their own children
Along with torture and rape, for convenience or pleasure
And not to be forgotten, the world has put them up for auction
Whether born or unborn, to be destroyed by death
Or for sale to the highest bidder
With submission of laws
Pushing to condone and submit them to sexual relations
with no regard or protection for their innocence
God forgive us for what we’ve done to each other

How, oh God, how, in Your name are we expected to fight
The beast that reigns…within…our human hearts
That has been building through out the ages
That pushes through to complete the enemy’s agenda
Using us as an accomplice to his every wish
How could we, your creation, finally bow down
To hell’s wishes, to push through and break every
law that you gave to us

It is appalling, the brevity, coupled with brazen disrespect
For Your Name…I am ashamed
I am so ashamed…and I cry
Because I am weak and afraid
Because I shoot fighting arrows to the sky
That disappear into the nothing
As if all I do is in vain
Or because of my sheer ignorance

Where is the Army of the Lord?
Where are the others?
Where do we fit into the eternal plans you have set forth?
Will you bring all those that support you together?
Will you unite Your fellowship to fight as One?
Would you turn back time, for a second chance?
Or, are our hearts so wicked that we don’t deserve
second chances?

The Sadness, the overwhelming sadness
Breaks my heart…because
Those that deems themselves earthly knights and lords
Everyone of them ~ wants to rule Your world
And I cry for the lack of a heavenly conduct code
I cry…because…I cannot see the end
Give me the strength to believe
You are with us…

Please…be with us…

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It just descended upon me
A horrible burden of grief
And I bent over to contain the tears
But to no avail

Then I heard her ~ reaching out
With grievous sobs
That washed over my soul with agonizing
Hopelessness and despair

And I searched until I found her
Surrounded by formidable desolation
Crouched in darkness
Almost nothing left to see

She was dying
And needed a last testament
An affirmation that it was over
In the presence of her faithful companions

Woefully she raised her eyes
Searching mine to see
If she knew me
And could trust me

I knelt down beside her and pulled her to me
And saw that she was
Bruised and emancipated
Almost beyond recognition

The consequence of man’s rejection
Pierced my heart ~ to my very soul
And I could not hold back the tears
Knowing I was helpless to change her destiny

I turned for help to her companions
Justice angered, held his sword
Mercy silently wept
Mourning, the sun and the moon held their light

Utterly ashamed
I began begging forgiveness
For myself and for others
I knew I could not control

How, O God, did we come to this
Her eyes revealed the horror
The waste of Terra
The final death sentence for mankind

O, Who am I to be the witness
One who is unworthy as any other
One who has chosen wrong
On more occasions than right

And to those who read this:

The day soon will come
When we fully and regretfully understand
What we do not now know
When Heaven returns to us for a reckoning

The Divine Constellation will witness our contempt
And write an eternal memorial against us
That no man can ever erase
So that even in her death



These words I write as a memorial
To myself ~ if to no one else
To never forget the effects of
Evil’s desolation of lies

Isaiah 59:14 Justice is turned away backward, and righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God) stands far off; for Truth has fallen in the street (the city’s forum), and uprightness cannot enter (the courts of justice).


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Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

Therefore is the anger of the LORD kindled against his people, and he hath stretched forth his hand against them, and hath smitten them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets. For all this His anger is not turned away, but His hand is stretched out still. Isaiah 5:25

Winter Soldiers
The Last Stronghold for Heaven

The lineage of the Winter Soldiers, is a precursor to the final days
Keepers of the Flame and books of Knowledge, written records
Of those that have heard and acknowledged
The heavenly call to Stand, to be the final witness and testimony
That there is no human legacy to be attained but rather
A heavenly endowment that remains perfect, unblemished

To be eyewitnesses to the state of ended Grace
And to record the advent of darkened spirits that consume the skies
Revealing that the heart of man does not falter or fear God
Because he has hardened his heart and does not listen or observe the signs
That have been established before him and therefore
The heavens have hidden their knowledge in mourning

The end of the Journey has arrived, the final chapters being finished
All preparation and instruction that God has historically manifested
Is now given with advocacy to be used as the benchmark of Truth
Being the ONLY Principle to be referred to
As all other doctrinal teachings are counterfeits
To consummately destroy the soul

Winter soldiers, the watchmen, the messengers
Who live by the art of separation
Moving in and out of each day without essential support
As all but the bare necessities have been stripped from their lives
By the powers that currently reign
Shadows that seek to destroy their Light within
A Light that cannot shine until its time

Now focus on the time of gathering, for survival, preparing for war
Using the ancient Holy blueprints of the aged saints
That follow the paths of heavenly instruction
For only heaven beholds the future and knows the need
Providing help for those that seeks to save their lives
As judgment falls from the skies

Can you see the manchurian power, how it has proliferated
Overtaken the Light and spreads outward to control the world
Beginning with Eve and onward throughout the ages
Now, with a mighty power, reaching into the heavens
Becoming a Goliath super power of its own
Enveloping Terra with its tentacles of destruction
Propelling her closer to the abyss

Now the day is at hand, yet words are forbidden
For a voice cannot be heard over the din of utter confusion
That circles the world affecting all nations
And consumes the heart of man
And the Word is rejected as the world screams its anger
And shakes its fist up to God demanding their rights
Their independence to kill the unborn, cheat and steal
Power to flaunt their sexuality, their evil heart
To be free and so shall it be this day

The ramification from heaven is silence ~ winter!
And all will witness the forthcoming judgment
To the glory of God Who will uphold Justice and Mercy
For the faithful, who are hidden away in the night
All orphaned by the world, cherished by Heaven
Hybrid warriors whose hearts cry for humanity
As they watch the self-imposed destruction of mankind

Winter, that cold foreboding, lifeless season
When survival means to hide away, to be isolated
Behind the shadow of the Almighty God
Who knows, knows the anguish and heartbroken
Spirits who wait for Him
Knowing that He is Faithful and True
But in the same breath, wonders if one can live thru it

Hover over us O God! Do not forsake us
In this time of abolition that now moves upon Terra
So that there remains a Song, a Requiem in the night
Sung in the hollows and hidden places as an affirmation
That an unadulterated strain of Holiness still exists on earth
Even as it is in heaven
Help us to prevail by Your Lights and Perfections
With the spirit of King David, by Your Name, grant us courage


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The Voice calls out…

Here, my Lord

Here, my Lord

Prayer Partner”?

Prayer Partner”? (In a louder voice)

Helen Stephens Cook”! (Again, silence!)

And so now!
Grieving silence falls on the remaining commanding unit
The crushing weight that a powerful, warrior leader has fallen
Crumbles the stanchest heart with reality
Combined with knowledge that in this day
When warriors fight both spiritual and physical evils
For the moral good of heaven and earth
The enemy reaps its times of victory
That fall under the curtain of the eternal plan
The subterfuge of darkness that races across the land
To create orphans of heaven of those that remain steadfast
Upholding the heavenly connection
And in this selfless act
Voluntarily place themselves
In the gravest danger
Protecting and leading others to The Way

From the matrix of a secret work
To a eulogy of a manger
Secret tears, secret fears
From Paul’s exclamation of ‘hope against hope’
To preserving the motto “Faithful and True”
Continually remaining as the Living Cornerstone
So that now a Song will never have its end
And the Lights and Perfections of Heaven
Have reached down on Terra with tiny wings
To pull a beloved home

From last roll call of earth
To the first roll call of heaven…




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I can’t breathe I can’t see
The darkness, the smoke, the confusion
The battle violently rages
There is no light and hope has fled
I have no place left to hide
No safe dwelling, no rest, no relief

Causing fear to overtake any belief
That I’ve safely guarded in my soul
That You will come for me, You will save me

The dragon has condensed his powers
Waging a demonic barrage to steal souls
He has ordered his minions out in great numbers
I am cornered with only my sword and my shield
And my heart faints as his poison touches my forehead
And I fall with my inner most thought
You will come…You will save

His blackness has surrounded me
And completely voided all thought other than of him
So that the power of my hope is sorely diminished
And my eyes are blind and my heart falters
My breath is ragged as tears fall silently
Because I cannot contain them

And I cannot contain the fear
His fear that stands face to face against me
His fear that walks and rules this world
His fear that has turned from pursuing many
To sifting out the dedicated warriors
For hand to hand combat

The earthly warriors!
The greatest prize on the war field ~ in all of earth
Fought over by both heaven and hell
Those that have heard Your call on their hearts
Those that have followed in Your footsteps
Those that have laid everything of earthly value down at Your feet
For the sake of keeping heaven’s door open from earth to heaven
These are the souls Darkness wants as his own
And as such, the assault is the fiercest on these
And yet, and yet You have not come…

And so the devastation of souls is great
Greater than ever in Terra’s final swing around eternity
For many have relinquished their soul to iniquity
And Evil reaps a bountiful harvest
Leaving the war field littered with lifeless forms
With no sign of victory to be seen from earthly eyes
That You have come as help from the Sanctuary

In this gross darkness
When all seems lost
The thought floats across my mind
To give in…just give up waiting for Your return
Oh! Such a sorrowful thought!
For I cannot even consider
Giving up the seed of Hope you planted deep within me
And then I wonder, how can this Hope flourish?

My mind is devastated, my body ravaged
But my heart turns to me and speaks Your words:
You will go on!
You will persevere!
You will reach the gate!
And in the corner of my imprisoned mind
I am amazed at this thought process
That restores balance and strength for one more day
Knowing I will faithfully wait for You…

And You will come! This I know!
Forever is a long time
But I have lived it in my heart
Your bond with and in me
From the very beginning to the never ending
Your Promise as the Original Warrior
Stamped with Your blood and sealed
A promise I will not let go of
Until then…
Until you come….
Grant Mercy, I pray!



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For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere…”
Ephesians 6:12 Amplified

Can you see? Can you discern the time?
Justice stands ready at the Gate holding the heavenly mandate
Long overdue but as always, concealed from mortal eye
Waiting, waiting for the silent signal
To walk among mortals to sift the tares from the wheat
Revealing the secrecy of each heart
That all may see the choices made
How each heart abides with either integrity or dishonor
Each stand taken and for whom
Inasmuch for and because the spirits of heaven grieve
As they now behold Terra’s deliberate, destructive path

For in this new age
The enlightened man does not believe
That eternal spirits walk among us
Either of heavenly origin or of gross darkness
For if he did, great care would be taken
For each day’s choices and to make decisions wisely
To maintain and support the witness and testimony
Of and for the strength and will of heaven
To uphold the sacrifice given for our sins and salvation
For each would understand that we have a spiritual legacy
That is forged either upon the walls of heaven
Or as a brutal ending in the halls of hell
But instead, man now considers himself as his own messiah
To save a world according to his own level of spirituality
Embracing the dark light that Lucifer radiates as an alluring beacon
For all to look upon and worship

If we are not grounded in the Word and ways of God
Understanding the principles of the invisible heavenly law
Then Darkness blurs what heaven has set in place
And demoralization and instant gratification
Become the visible principles of man
Which he conveniently grasps and believes
To please his inclination which creates an open door
And the Lie moves in like a serpent in and around the heart
And strangles the consciousness of any heavenly guidance
Until it is dead
And each man’s law becomes a new religion
That satisfies his heart each day
And then condemns him to hell on his death bed

Listen! Hear her! Mercy cries out~ because Love has been rejected
But she knows that the time for Justice to rule alone has come
To walk among men and expose
What the serpent has proliferated in man’s heart
And heavenly warriors who understand that the time has come
And have heeded the command given
Spread the word to those that will still hear
To hide under the shelter of the Shield until the purging has past
For the War of Heaven will be upon us
For a time allotted ~ without Mercy
Come to me I pray ~ give my heart strength I beg You!
Even knowing in my spirit the words I write are true
Even so, it is a constant battle
To turn away from ostensible ideals and ideology
To hold my own with the knowledge you have given me
For it becomes a battle of wills
My steadfast determination to remain within the principles of heaven
Against the tidal waves of humanism and protracted darkness
That especially seeks and singles out the heart devoted to You
My God, My Father, My Salvation
On bended knee, I plea…
Forget not Your prophet…
Remember the faithfulness of the widow…
Consider my supplication, my prayer…



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The ideology of man and his audacity
Has converged upon this earth with boastful intimidation
Densely concentrated to smother and suffocate
All hopes for any aspirations higher than himself
To destroy Your precious Life giving element
That has steadfastly remained and understood by those
Always seeking, always searching

For today, humankind has become the epiphany of another world
That has tenaciously planned to overcome, overpower
And out strip man’s moral consciousness
To prick away at humanity’s foundation of spiritual morality
Set forth from before time began and consummated with Eve
A never ending battle of wills reaching, reaching
Until the culmination results in defeat and loss of hope and life

And knowing this, You have placed Your salvation in the heart of those
Wishing a revelation, a transposition of will and moral ethic
That supersedes and overcomes the dream of man
To expose the Lie that now covers the earth boasting
As the new magnanimous power, relished and coveted by darkness
To destroy all that You have created
Literally unfolding before our vision this day

The matter of the heart is key if one is so inclined to believe
For this is the depth of the soul that moves in and about
The sphere of the heavenly spirits, whether good or evil
And gravitates towards a like spirit that will encourage one
To move in a particular direction using every means available
Whether physical or mental circumstances
Making sure that life’s direction are chosen early on

For the hallowed halls of history are draped with traitorous bloodshed
Of brother betraying brother, parents their children, for worldly gain
Possessively holding fast to the anguish truths that lay beyond the grave
Leaving living mortals with only the sorrowful truth
That each must learn their own way from the beginning of life
Knowing that there are only two choices
Available for one’s life journey

How is it that I seek a higher way which I cannot see
Feel affection for things I cannot explain
What causes my eye to look upward for help
Knowing that another next to me cannot discern
Does not understand the call for urgency
What can I say? How can I speak something I cannot grasp
Other than kneeling before the tiding swell that pulls me
Over and over, calling me, imploring me to stay true
Constantly instilling in me the weight of glory

Is it the same for those that chose darkness
Are they compelled to follow
Every hour, wooing their footsteps to move in closer
To fight to the death for the idealism and rights of man
A theology that man can save himself without divine intervention
So that one does not believe in the higher battle
That the true dividing line is solely between Life and death
So now, my heart is sad because Justice and Mercy have been silenced
And there is no compromise left
And the sands of time have drawn the positions
And those that stand with God and angels are pitifully few

Never before has humanity been in such a place of peril
With multitudes believing man’s banner of hope and change
That man can be the ultimate pinnacle of progress
I watch and see the swirling cesspool of belligerence
As it grows in circumference pulling in all it can
Creating spiritual starvation as a devastating legacy for our children
And I pray, visit the battlefield and help us O God
For You alone can right the wrongs and lift the weary hearts
Up above the fray, to victoriously fight once again
As Your warriors of the higher kingdom



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My Heart
My Love Eternal
My Wonderment
My All in All

I ask: How can one properly convey
The gentle touch of heavenly glory
That can move upon a soul
As the breath of passion moving in and out
Like lake waters flowing up upon a shore
Only to move back out
Leaving behind endeared remembrances

I walk along life’s shore always watching
For the waters of Life to move
To take deep breaths of the heavenly fragrance
That swirls in, out and around my heart
All compassing
so that all I am aware of
Is You

For days, I’ve been thinking about You
Feeling Your Spirit brush across my heart
Showering me with Your tenderness, filling me up
Causing all other corners of my life
To become dull and drab, colorless
Making me to know that all Life
Begins and Ends with You

Why is it that when we are young
We look for the missing kinship in our lives
Among the people and places of the world
Moving headlong into heartache but not knowing
It is You we are seeking
For contentment, honesty, loyalty, truth
Seeking You, seeking Life

I was there too
I remember loving You as a child
But somehow, someway, lost the connection
Focusing on marriage, children, success, survival
Moving quickly, watching the days go by
Sometimes remembering You were once there
By my side, guiding me
But life was pressing, and I lost You

I did not understand that during those years
You were there all the time watching me as I searched
Watching over me when I should have been
Watching for You
I presumed you were far away and didn’t care
How could I have been so wrong?
How can I stop the bitter tears that fall today
With unending regret for lost years
My heart bleeds…

I know now that as I sleep
Angels watch over me whispering love
Precious little cherubs that envelope my soul
And if I am still enough
I can feel their wings silently moving
Grazing and caressing my weary heart
Making sure I’m covered by heaven’s covenant

Asserting with the sweet brush of their wings
That you are Faithful and True
That no one, no thing will ever come
Between You and me again
For the bond has been forged with
Agony and defeat from past years
Wrong decisions, wrong motives, wrong paths
So that now my journey comes back around
and I am back at the beginning
when as a child…
I loved you!



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Louder than words…

The news again today shouts evil agendas
That cause me excessive sadness and bitterness
As global government restrictions continue to grow
Curbing and inhibiting our essential life giving nucleus
Especially focusing on the lower levels of life’s necessities
Always moving in a direction that sets in place
An afflicting menology to remove and eliminate freedoms
That You graciously bestowed to us in the Beginning
So now, our most current restraint on seeds and foods
Are very close to being illegal for one to own or to grow
To sustain everyday life for our families
Ownership given over to entities that have a mission
To control and reduce life on Terra

Reflecting on Your Word, I remember that food
Goes back in history to the very thing that Satan used to deceive Eve
One of life’s fundamental life sustaining elements
Brought back into focus in today’s evil warmongers
Ready to pick up and continue a war tactic from eons ago
A competitive aid to global war to control humanity
As the control list continues to grow
Too many people, too many generations
Too many governments, too much power
Enabling evil to spitefully move into and onto Terra’s sphere
As warriors carefully watch and listen
Watching the order of events moving across our expanse
Yet knowing they are helpless to change the end result

So I look upward toward heaven
Higher than my earthly vision
Closing my eyes to see what Heaven sees
And I cry bitter tears!
Bending over as Sorrow overwhelms me
As I see the difference between earth and heaven
And I pray that the vision stops so that I cannot see the end
For even angels turn their heads away
At the choices those on Terra make based purely upon pleasures
And real time conveniences
Not regarding the future of our children
Nor the basic principles of heavenly law

For most cannot comprehend the malicious evil
That slays our heritage
Because their thinking is not upon higher laws
And in saying this, how can heaven not turn away
From our ignorance, whether innocent or deliberate
For Satan truly lives and fights to adjust life on earth
To accommodate his agenda that no one, no life!
Will spiritually understand Your higher way
That would effect a soul to turn away from darkness
For in this, he cannot afford Your Light that will spread
From heart to heart to healing…

Even the weariest warrior knows and understands
That sometimes staying in the still and silent
Enables the protection of heaven’s shield
That obstructs a loss of position
Can in fact, gain more ground on war’s chess board
Than the progression of a war that kills and maims
For Your Light that shines into a tired heart
Is the only real element enabling enough Life
To grab a hold of and hang on to for survival
Using all of life’s lessons of Faith and Patience
For Your Life begins on another realm
That governments cannot control
And witnesses of the past will rise to and proclaim
That Heaven is True to those that believe

I bow my head and pledge to focus on Your higher plane
That our children’s children will one day understand
And know that some were legendary in upholding
Principles that began and ended in Forever
That Fire and Honor moved
Hand in hand with Truth and Freedom
That the bridges to heaven were kept open
And accessible to future generations
For others to know that Your eternal door
Opens and closes based upon faithful soldiers
Sacrificing all to secure future hope for all
That Your majestic kingdom is truly the real world

Can they not see?
Can they not understand?
If not, then we know that evil has accomplished it’s ultimate goal
And warriors that understand and follow heavenly law
With the guidance of angels
Will never, NEVER follow evil’s agenda’s
Regardless of it’s presentation or advertisements
That they will become the Holy extension
That supersedes the ratio
Of spiritual failures
A ratio that wins…

Louder than words!



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Dear God

This is a melancholy day for me
As I write this day ~ December 31, 2011
A day that closes out our calendar year
A day that prompts most of us to review the past year
Regarding our successes and failures
Determining what is necessary for changes tomorrow
But I wonder ~ who really truly cares? Really?
Or attempts to listen as Your Spirit moves across our generation
To understand and know that Heaven records
And keeps a journal of those that move with You
Anticipating change and understanding that circumstances
Are never what they seem to be!

As I write this, I do not fully understand the consequence
Of my questions, nor do I have answers
But I do innately perceive that Heaven patiently waits
For our spirit to grasp Your revelations
So that our heart and soul will finally understand
That the agenda of heaven weighs in the balance
Of whether heaven or hell will consume our soul

Many have discussed with me or read my written thoughts
Some understand, most pass me off
As just one more opinion that needs to die off as soon as possible
To eliminate another tedious debate on interpretations of scripture
But I unequivocally know that what I write, are not my words
For, I am the first to humbly admit, I am not a writer, nor ever will be
Nor a romantic, or a seeker of sorrows, but I do intimately know
That the spirit of God, moves upon those that trust Him
And know that His ways are infinite and final!

How can I express to my readers, the agony that consumes my heart
Knowing that the words I write fall upon inattentive ears
From those that quarrel and say “I know”
To those that can throw back any scripture
I wish to say to my brothers and sisters, and strangers
Listen! and hear the whisper of angels
For the time of judgment is nigh
And Heaven speaks to attentive hearts
How can I convince others to know that You still exist?
And to understand that Your divining Truth,
Separates loved ones, families, partners, pastors, congregations,
As it is written in the scriptures

And because of these thoughts, I am exasperated
With the spiritual casualness that envelopes our society
That Your words cannot be heard regardless of sincerity
So that now, in anger, I will burn my bridges!
Burn them to the ground! Bridges that are condemned
Bridges that keep the way open, from the old life to the new
As life today is truly void of any recognizable emotion
Affecting relationships that we are born into
Or born from or carried into
But wait! Even this is an illusion
For the darkness moves undercover
Always undermining the Cornerstone
To wreck the mental and spiritual veins
That make up our lives in this age

Who has the answers?
Who cares enough to ask viable questions?
Who can reach out to save another ?
When survival of one’s spirituality is in danger of collapse
And even if help comes it is only temporary
For no one can reach out to help another with an earthly power
And the sensation of falling, falling
Never ends even though we grasp
For safety when presented

It is during these moments of great darkness
That Your celestial illumination becomes my benchmark
To sift thru all of my life’s issues
And causes my soul to comprehend Your Life
That comes to me from a place no one can touch
Add to or take away from
Your precious Treasure that my heart so longs for
That reaches out to grasp and hold within my broken heart
With my face turned to the eastern sky

For what is within me cannot be transferred to another
For they may hear and say, “I know”
But they cannot know my sorrows
Nor how the darkness pushes me to Your Light
To Your Homecoming to leave everything behind
For the time to share and encourage is over
My shield and my sword stand at attention
Knowing I will retrieve them
To pick up and move forward
And embrace Your ways O God
For the days of turning back are over
There will be no one that will convince me to do otherwise
And if I leave behind those that have heard my words
But turned to their own ways
Then so be it
There comes a time when each soul
Determines what is Truth
And what he will follow
To the end




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