Dear God

This is a melancholy day for me
As I write this day ~ December 31, 2011
A day that closes out our calendar year
A day that prompts most of us to review the past year
Regarding our successes and failures
Determining what is necessary for changes tomorrow
But I wonder ~ who really truly cares? Really?
Or attempts to listen as Your Spirit moves across our generation
To understand and know that Heaven records
And keeps a journal of those that move with You
Anticipating change and understanding that circumstances
Are never what they seem to be!

As I write this, I do not fully understand the consequence
Of my questions, nor do I have answers
But I do innately perceive that Heaven patiently waits
For our spirit to grasp Your revelations
So that our heart and soul will finally understand
That the agenda of heaven weighs in the balance
Of whether heaven or hell will consume our soul

Many have discussed with me or read my written thoughts
Some understand, most pass me off
As just one more opinion that needs to die off as soon as possible
To eliminate another tedious debate on interpretations of scripture
But I unequivocally know that what I write, are not my words
For, I am the first to humbly admit, I am not a writer, nor ever will be
Nor a romantic, or a seeker of sorrows, but I do intimately know
That the spirit of God, moves upon those that trust Him
And know that His ways are infinite and final!

How can I express to my readers, the agony that consumes my heart
Knowing that the words I write fall upon inattentive ears
From those that quarrel and say “I know”
To those that can throw back any scripture
I wish to say to my brothers and sisters, and strangers
Listen! and hear the whisper of angels
For the time of judgment is nigh
And Heaven speaks to attentive hearts
How can I convince others to know that You still exist?
And to understand that Your divining Truth,
Separates loved ones, families, partners, pastors, congregations,
As it is written in the scriptures

And because of these thoughts, I am exasperated
With the spiritual casualness that envelopes our society
That Your words cannot be heard regardless of sincerity
So that now, in anger, I will burn my bridges!
Burn them to the ground! Bridges that are condemned
Bridges that keep the way open, from the old life to the new
As life today is truly void of any recognizable emotion
Affecting relationships that we are born into
Or born from or carried into
But wait! Even this is an illusion
For the darkness moves undercover
Always undermining the Cornerstone
To wreck the mental and spiritual veins
That make up our lives in this age

Who has the answers?
Who cares enough to ask viable questions?
Who can reach out to save another ?
When survival of one’s spirituality is in danger of collapse
And even if help comes it is only temporary
For no one can reach out to help another with an earthly power
And the sensation of falling, falling
Never ends even though we grasp
For safety when presented

It is during these moments of great darkness
That Your celestial illumination becomes my benchmark
To sift thru all of my life’s issues
And causes my soul to comprehend Your Life
That comes to me from a place no one can touch
Add to or take away from
Your precious Treasure that my heart so longs for
That reaches out to grasp and hold within my broken heart
With my face turned to the eastern sky

For what is within me cannot be transferred to another
For they may hear and say, “I know”
But they cannot know my sorrows
Nor how the darkness pushes me to Your Light
To Your Homecoming to leave everything behind
For the time to share and encourage is over
My shield and my sword stand at attention
Knowing I will retrieve them
To pick up and move forward
And embrace Your ways O God
For the days of turning back are over
There will be no one that will convince me to do otherwise
And if I leave behind those that have heard my words
But turned to their own ways
Then so be it
There comes a time when each soul
Determines what is Truth
And what he will follow
To the end




About just stevie

First and foremost...I am not a writer! That is very evident if you start from the beginning. These blogs are the result of an intense relationship with my heavenly Father and I wanted to put my thoughts into writing. Words and music are very powerful...together...each having it's own interpretation! This encourages me that every day be different, with new thoughts and directions. Even now, that surprises me when I go back and re-read an experience I've gone thru. I think I can say, that my writing has improved with time...enjoy...
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