Louder than words…

The news again today shouts evil agendas
That cause me excessive sadness and bitterness
As global government restrictions continue to grow
Curbing and inhibiting our essential life giving nucleus
Especially focusing on the lower levels of life’s necessities
Always moving in a direction that sets in place
An afflicting menology to remove and eliminate freedoms
That You graciously bestowed to us in the Beginning
So now, our most current restraint on seeds and foods
Are very close to being illegal for one to own or to grow
To sustain everyday life for our families
Ownership given over to entities that have a mission
To control and reduce life on Terra

Reflecting on Your Word, I remember that food
Goes back in history to the very thing that Satan used to deceive Eve
One of life’s fundamental life sustaining elements
Brought back into focus in today’s evil warmongers
Ready to pick up and continue a war tactic from eons ago
A competitive aid to global war to control humanity
As the control list continues to grow
Too many people, too many generations
Too many governments, too much power
Enabling evil to spitefully move into and onto Terra’s sphere
As warriors carefully watch and listen
Watching the order of events moving across our expanse
Yet knowing they are helpless to change the end result

So I look upward toward heaven
Higher than my earthly vision
Closing my eyes to see what Heaven sees
And I cry bitter tears!
Bending over as Sorrow overwhelms me
As I see the difference between earth and heaven
And I pray that the vision stops so that I cannot see the end
For even angels turn their heads away
At the choices those on Terra make based purely upon pleasures
And real time conveniences
Not regarding the future of our children
Nor the basic principles of heavenly law

For most cannot comprehend the malicious evil
That slays our heritage
Because their thinking is not upon higher laws
And in saying this, how can heaven not turn away
From our ignorance, whether innocent or deliberate
For Satan truly lives and fights to adjust life on earth
To accommodate his agenda that no one, no life!
Will spiritually understand Your higher way
That would effect a soul to turn away from darkness
For in this, he cannot afford Your Light that will spread
From heart to heart to healing…

Even the weariest warrior knows and understands
That sometimes staying in the still and silent
Enables the protection of heaven’s shield
That obstructs a loss of position
Can in fact, gain more ground on war’s chess board
Than the progression of a war that kills and maims
For Your Light that shines into a tired heart
Is the only real element enabling enough Life
To grab a hold of and hang on to for survival
Using all of life’s lessons of Faith and Patience
For Your Life begins on another realm
That governments cannot control
And witnesses of the past will rise to and proclaim
That Heaven is True to those that believe

I bow my head and pledge to focus on Your higher plane
That our children’s children will one day understand
And know that some were legendary in upholding
Principles that began and ended in Forever
That Fire and Honor moved
Hand in hand with Truth and Freedom
That the bridges to heaven were kept open
And accessible to future generations
For others to know that Your eternal door
Opens and closes based upon faithful soldiers
Sacrificing all to secure future hope for all
That Your majestic kingdom is truly the real world

Can they not see?
Can they not understand?
If not, then we know that evil has accomplished it’s ultimate goal
And warriors that understand and follow heavenly law
With the guidance of angels
Will never, NEVER follow evil’s agenda’s
Regardless of it’s presentation or advertisements
That they will become the Holy extension
That supersedes the ratio
Of spiritual failures
A ratio that wins…

Louder than words!



About just stevie

First and foremost...I am not a writer! That is very evident if you start from the beginning. These blogs are the result of an intense relationship with my heavenly Father and I wanted to put my thoughts into writing. Words and music are very powerful...together...each having it's own interpretation! This encourages me that every day be different, with new thoughts and directions. Even now, that surprises me when I go back and re-read an experience I've gone thru. I think I can say, that my writing has improved with time...enjoy...
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